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Viestiketju osiossa 'Yleinen uuden musiikin keskustelu' , käynnistäjänä tevo, 29.12.2008.

  1. Rikhard

    Rikhard Rekisteröitymätön

    Why do bad things happen, to good people?
    Seems that life is just a constant war between good and evil
    The situation that I'm facin, is mad amazin
    to think such problems can arise from minor confrontations
    Now I'm contemplatin in my bedroom pacin
    Dark clouds over my head, my heart's racin
    Suicide? Nah, I'm not a foolish guy
    Don't even feel like drinking, or even gettin high
    Cause all that's gonna do really, is accelerate
    the anxieties that I wish I could alleviate
    But wait, I've been through a whole lot of other shit, before
    So I oughta be able, to withstand some more
    But I'm sweatin though, my eyes are turnin red and yo
    I'm ready to lose my mind but instead I use my mind
    I put down the knife, and take the bullets out my nine
    My only crime, was that I'm too damn kind
    And now some skanless motherfuckers wanna take what's mine
    But they can't take the respect, that I've earned in my lifetime
    And you know they'll never stop the furious force of my rhymes
    So like they say, every dog has it's day
    And like they say, God works in a mysterious way
    So I pray, remembering the days of my youth
    As I prepare to meet my moment of truth

    VXXKKX kiitti tästä.
  2. Skanssi

    Skanssi 2. leveliläinen

    Saadut kiitokset:
    I'm the obscene slang kicker with no parental sticker. Advisin' y'all that wise words is much slicker.
  3. HEG

    HEG THE KARVAMUUMI Staff Member Betatestaaja Moderaattori Admin

    Saadut kiitokset:
    "..mun mutsi opetti skidinä jos maailma sulkee silmänsä se on sama kuin kusta pidättäis."

    Viisas mutsi :jepa:

    VXXKKX 3. leveliläinen

    Saadut kiitokset:
    Ei saatana. Ei saatana. Hyvä biisi ja levy, mutta...joka kerta kun kuulen tuon kohdan niin sisäinen assbergeristä kärsivä 60-vuotias äidikielenopettaja hyvin hiekoitetulla vaginalla herää. Eli siis, hänen äiti opetti ollessaan lapsi. Eli siis Skidi-Mutsi opetti. Hänen äitinsä muutti olemustaan skidiksi ja alkoi opettamaan. :superman:
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  5. Rikhard

    Rikhard Rekisteröitymätön

    I'm, a rebel in a system that don't give a {fuck}
    Where CEO's feed your death
    To earn a buck
    And people get stuck
    Followin the trends
    Of a TV generation
    But where does it end?
    You can say amen
    But you really got to feel it
    Then every time you see a snake
    You'll reveal it


    Seem like everybody trippin'
    Or is it me, bein normal nowadays
    It'll drive you crazy
    Go to work 9 to 5 everyday, no retreat
    You got to have a dollar
    Just to get somethin' to eat
    It seem like everybody trippin'
    Or is it I? Crazy lady walkin around
    Shoutin curses at the sky
    Instrumentals be the lullaby
    Rhyme stimulai, now come along
    And vibe as we praise most high
    You be trippin'
    Why is you trippin, why is you trippin'?

    -Zion I
  6. Daytona

    Daytona Rekisteröitymätön

    It's Pro and Ak, dope beats and dope cuts
    just trying to break even with hopes to go plus
    mic killer for hire, y'all feeling the fire
    on this beat that the late great Dilla inspired, rest in peace
    I'm about to travel with the mind
    battling with time but I'm magic with rhyme
    when i drop men, fuck a top ten I'm top three
    there's Chords and theres Promoe, and after them you got me
    thats guaranteed, you know I got the real shit
    Pro and Ak connect like Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith
    we're catching wreck with ill shit
    in a business where theres not many rappers left to build with
    I never dreamt of stacking dough
    I was just a little kid, sitting trying to catch the flow
    fifteen years gone by, now I'm a rapping pro
    back in 0, five i hooked up with Ak to show, y'all the realism...
    Now let me tell you about the place were I grew up
    young kids sipping liqour, hoping for a new buzz
    nowadays I ain't really hanging with crew much
    spellbound by l town, common and throw your dues up
    We did it though, bright lights make the city glow
    flow tight like our outfits in that video
    We keep doing it, keep true with it
    over ill beats that the streets keep moving with
    cant stop, wont stop, no surrender, no retreat
    flow unique over beats, hot without holding heat
    shoulders keep straining, peep game and chill out
    still about to let you know we always choose the real route
    peace to Adams-ray
    for keeping it soulful like Donny Hathaway
    to win you gotta take a chance, so we're always making plans
    and after our live shows were out there shaking hands
    with our fam from all over the world
    no matter where you're coming from your number one, thats my word word, we always write something with a message
    no matter whats the topic that will always be the essence
    don't front, better slow down like Brand Nubian
    we're about to rock, like Sadat, yeah I'm moving in
    better run the other way, listen what your mother say
    cause for me and Ak, its a fact, its just another day
    another day another flow to perfect
    thought i told you we're as cold as it gets
    ice cold, with every microphone I might hold
    words are like gold, give the verse the right mode
    as we move on to the last track
    flashbacks, the vinyls is out, you need to blast that
    as we take flight, I don't know where we land
    over two years has passed yet here we stand
    I rep that boom-bap with every verse I write
    one persons hobby is another persons life
    if you wanna cop our CD's, our LP's and our merchandise
    then proandak.com is the perfect site... peace.
  7. Rikhard

    Rikhard Rekisteröitymätön

    You lack the minerals and vitamins irons and the niacin

    Jos miettii, että esmes liian vähänen raudan saanti johtaa anemiaan, mikä on masennuksen kaltanen tila, niin tämä linja jolla O.C. alottaa kappaleensa on silkkaa kultaa.

    Girls wanna see you wreck up they hope you self destruct

    Nas puhuu lähinnä rikkauksien aiheuttamista lieveilmiöistä, mutta tuolla on tosiaan paljon ämmiä jotka on aivan täysin psykoottisia ja valmiina laittaan sut henkiseen vararikkoon.
  8. Daytona

    Daytona Rekisteröitymätön

    Man tell that ho to turn up
    Tell these bitches to turn up
    Got about 10 bitches
    And they wanna turn up with me outside
    Cus they love me

    Keep twerking
    Bitch keep twerkng
    Bitch keep twerkng
    Bitch keep twerkng
    Bitch keep twerkng (Yep)
    Bitch keep twerkng (Yep)
    Bitch keep twerkng (Fuck her)
    Bitch keep twerkng (Fuck her)
    Bitch keep twerkng

    [Verse 1: Lil B]
    We sucking hoes pussy
    Lemme know how it taste
    Put the girl in the pot
    And her pussy on the plate
    Still OG and i still blow shape
    You know what bitch?
    I'll make your dreads shake
    I'm not violent
    But I had to catch a case
    With the .454 and a out of state
    Damn based god
    You're a certified bitch
    Check it out man, rich nigga clique
    Clicked on a bitch
    Hit it with the feather
    Bitch paid 30
    I'ma trip, fuck yo hair
    Girl i love what?
    I love to be stiny
    Got an afro? Bitch i'm goin hit it
    Clicking out bitch
    I'm not tripping
    Hoes based god, he look like Caesar
    Bitch don't play and i think you funny
    Damn based god doesn't care about the money
    I'm rich!

    Keep twerking
    Bitch keep twerkng
    Bitch keep twerkng
    Bitch keep twerkng
    Bitch keep twerkng (Yep)
    Bitch keep twerkng (Yep)
    Bitch keep twerkng (Fuck her)
    Bitch keep twerkng (Fuck her)
    Bitch keep twerkng

    [Verse 2: Lil B]
    We straight stuntin
    Damn i got lock jaw
    Based world go hard
    Bitch sucked my dick off
    Original based god
    I pulled and i drop him
    Pussy like a gun
    I aim and cock it
    Money in the shoe box
    I thought i was poppin
    Locked up doing crime
    A dumb ass ?
    Sipped so much lean
    I ? in the morning
    Got a lot of pride
    Ask the girl if she want any
    Btich you gotta respect it
    I don't give a fuck
    Cus the girl goin love it
    I hold that mac
    And i stay like 11
    I'm in the midst
    Of going to heaven
    Only on defense
    Pass that street shit
    I don't wanna believe shit
    Until you gotta see shit
    Stay with the clip
    I stay with that reggie nigga
    Lil B man
    It's really hard to get me

    Keep twerking
    Bitch keep twerkng
    Bitch keep twerkng
    Bitch keep twerkng
    Bitch keep twerkng (Yep)
    Bitch keep twerkng (Yep)
    Bitch keep twerkng (Fuck her)
    Bitch keep twerkng (Fuck her)
    Bitch keep twerkng
  9. Rikhard

    Rikhard Rekisteröitymätön

    Yo this world's gone mad,
    But i see my way out
    Make moves with most high
    Eliminate all doubts
    If it's not in my possession
    Wasn't meant to be mine
    Just walk the righteous path
    And keep my mentals refined

    -Finsta Bundy
  10. Rikhard

    Rikhard Rekisteröitymätön

    Bust it that nigga Slick Rick said
    I waited long time sweatin it
    I got jerked but now I'm gettin it
    Hazy like asthma bizarre disaster
    Stress almost held me down from bein a master
    The faster preacher poet a teacher
    "It's been so long" like Monifah
    Believe that I'm needed, in rappin, I breathe this
    Some pick up a microphone and can't even achieve this
    Oscar award winning your shit I'm bored with it
    Stop copy-catting son (why?) cause your dog did it...

  11. Rikhard

    Rikhard Rekisteröitymätön

    who the fuck are you
    to watch what I do
    write a magazine and give negative view
    and the way you see shit ain`t the way I see shit
    the way I see shit - you should stay of my dick


    JONESMICHAEL187 2. leveliläinen

    Saadut kiitokset:
    yo pass that shit Merk, I ain't even hit it yet
    Just trying to kill some brain cells, tell me I'm an idiot
    This stress inside my melon dawg, I'm trying to get rid of it
    My head is always in a fog, I’m dying just to live a bit
    Put it on the paper then I'm sprinkling the pixie dust
    Everyday I smoke a quarter triple A sixty bucks
    Just got a bag of pick me ups, ain't nobody sick as us
    Next time you kiss your grandma
    Just remember that she licked my nuts
    Smoke good, its obvious, you can't even front
    Look like I'm puking on myself when you hand me the blunt
    I got a fully loaded rifle and I'm planning to hunt
    These rappers looking at me like they got some sand in their cunt
    You smoking on that bunk weed and you trying to brag
    Until I come around smelling like a skunk in my bag
    Ain’t buying that dirt, ha I only kept for the best
    And I'm a burn it till there's no fucking air in my chest
    Believe that

    -Snak The Ripper

    JONESMICHAEL187 2. leveliläinen

    Saadut kiitokset:
    Yo this my third strike, labeled repeat offender
    Enter without an exit, dismember any contender
    Everything previous to this, you won't remember
    Bear witness to this mental sickness and it's twisted splendor
    Let me show you how it's supposed to be done
    Leave you roasted like you busters posted to close to the sun
    Vocally dumb, focused on staying hopeful and young
    Every word I speak leaving thick smoke on my tongue, um
    My life's so Hollywood but not like in the flicks
    They call me Willie Pickton cause I'm hogging all the chicks
    Easily dodging the six in my jet black attire
    Take the wrinkles out your shirt with the tire iron
    Automatic firin', hear the sirens but they never catch me
    Let's see, I roll with more retards than Wayne Gretzky
    Dreams of models and yachts, all I got was a hefty
    Bitch that wanna sex me on a Kawasaki jet-ski
    The beat it got me bugging, fuckin' OCD
    At home cutting drugs up on my own CD
    Yeah, fuck a microphone I use an old CB
    Tugging on my bone the only way that you'll beat me
    Ain't tryna brag but you looking at a veteran
    I'm the one these swag rappers thinking that they better than
    Thinking that you thuggin' with the G-Shock and the snap-back?
    I got bitches rubbin' on they g-spot when Snak rap
    There I fuckin' said it, bet it never get regretted
    This shit embedded deep inside my head, never forget it
    My history's a mystery, on my dick where bitches be
    This ain't rap, it's wizardry - Picture pain and misery
    So when you're done dissing I'll be tongue kissing your grandma
    Send a picture to ya cause I got it on camera
    Canadian grammar - (Fuckin' [?] eh?)
    Beaver meat and strong beer fueling my delivery
    Goddamn, there he go, fucking up your stereo
    We ain't playing games no more, you still stuck on Mario
    Once you start to like it, I'ma change up the scenario
    Burn your flow - Danario, shallow like your burial
    Body every beat in sight, never been an even fight
    Keep an eyeball slightly open if you're tryna sleep tonight
    Never write that shit uptight, all you pricks is too polite
    Ignite the wick and hold this burning stick of white dynamite

    -Snak The Ripper

    JONESMICHAEL187 2. leveliläinen

    Saadut kiitokset:
    I came along way, long before you heard my song play
    I was throwing fist's sipping Bombay
    Progressively aggressive never knew the calm way
    Never had direction, so this is the life that called me
    And this is my reply, plotten my position
    I remeber wishing I would die
    Mama raised a Christian but this devil makin angels cry
    Tables turned, labeled mine, super brain, enabled mine, see my shot, I'm taking mine
    And I ain't backin down from shit, I hope that you can see me now
    Used to be so hopeless now my focus making mama proud
    Got my second chance, at this you can't dismiss, mister cancerous
    Switched stance, landing tricks, man I never planned for this
    But here I am, taking flights, taking chances shake the dice
    Found my place, face is ice, never late to take advice
    Unity to loneliness, ain't nobody close to me
    Made it to my destination, right where I'm supposed to be
    -snak the ripper
  15. hidasmeitsi

    hidasmeitsi 1. leveliläinen

    Saadut kiitokset:
    pitäs tehä tuas kiljua
    päälle savut ja statuspillua

    -jompi kumpi the pandasin ämseistä
  16. Konjamiini

    Konjamiini 0. leveliläinen

    Saadut kiitokset:
    now what them gon' do, when Smif-N-Wessun come lookin for you,